public abstract class CameraController
extends Object


The abstract base camera controller class.

This a high level controller that provides most of the CameraX core features in a single class. It handles camera initialization, creates and configures UseCases. It also listens to device motion sensor and set the target rotation for the use cases.

The controller is required to be used with a PreviewView. PreviewView provides the UI elements to display camera preview. The layout of the PreviewView is used to set the crop rect so the output from other use cases matches the preview display in a WYSIWYG way. The controller also listens to PreviewView's touch events to handle tap-to-focus and pinch-to-zoom features.

This class provides features of 4 UseCases: Preview, ImageCapture, ImageAnalysis and an experimental video capture. Preview is required and always enabled. ImageCapture and ImageAnalysis are enabled by default. The video capture feature is experimental. It's disabled by default because it might conflict with other use cases, especially on lower end devices. It might be necessary to disable ImageCapture and/or ImageAnalysis before the video capture feature can be enabled. Disabling/enabling UseCases freezes the preview for a short period of time. To avoid the glitch, the UseCases need to be enabled/disabled before the controller is set on PreviewView.


Nested classes

class CameraController.OutputSize

Represents the output size of a UseCase



Bitmask option to enable ImageAnalysis.


Bitmask option to enable ImageCapture.


The previous tap-to-focus action was failed to complete.


The previous tap-to-focus action was completed successfully and the camera is focused.