public final class SearchResult
extends Object


This class represents one of the results obtained from an AppSearch query.

This allows clients to obtain:

  • The document which matched, using getGenericDocument()
  • Information about which properties in the document matched, and "snippet" information containing textual summaries of the document's matches, using getMatchInfos()

"Snippet" refers to a substring of text from the content of document that is returned as a part of search result.

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Nested classes

class SearchResult.Builder

Builder for SearchResult objects. 

class SearchResult.MatchInfo

This class represents a match objects for any Snippets that might be present in SearchResults from query. 

class SearchResult.MatchRange

Class providing the position range of matching information. 

Public methods

String getDatabaseName()

Contains the database name that stored the GenericDocument.

<T> T getDocument(Class<T> documentClass)

Contains the matching document, converted to the given document class.

GenericDocument getGenericDocument()

Contains the matching GenericDocument.

List<SearchResult.MatchInfo> getMatchInfos()

Returns a list of SearchResult.MatchInfos providing information about how the document in getGenericDocument() matched the query.

String getPackageName()

Contains the package name of the app that stored the GenericDocument.

double getRankingSignal()

Returns the ranking signal of the GenericDocument, according to the ranking strategy set in SearchSpec.Builder.setRankingStrategy(int).