public interface EmojiCompatConfigurationView


Interface for Views that expose EmojiCompat configuration.


Public methods

abstract boolean isEmojiCompatEnabled()
abstract void setEmojiCompatEnabled(boolean enabled)

Configure emoji fallback behavior using EmojiCompat.

Public methods


public abstract boolean isEmojiCompatEnabled ()

boolean the current enabled state, set via setEmojiCompatEnabled(boolean)


public abstract void setEmojiCompatEnabled (boolean enabled)

Configure emoji fallback behavior using EmojiCompat. When enabled, this View will attempt to use EmojiCompat to enabled missing emojis. When disabled, this View will not display missing emojis using EmojiCompat. EmojiCompat must be correctly configured on a device for this to have an effect, which will happen by default if a correct downloadable fonts provider is installed on the device. If you manually configure EmojiCompat by calling EmojiCompat init after this View is constructed, you may call this method again to enable EmojiCompat on this text view. For more information about EmojiCompat configuration see the emoji2 module.

enabled boolean: if true, display missing emoji using EmojiCompat, otherwise display missing emoji using a fallback glyph "□" (known as tofu)