public final class ActivityResultContracts.StartActivityForResult extends ActivityResultContract

An ActivityResultContract that doesn't do any type conversion, taking raw Intent as an input and ActivityResult as an output.

Can be used with androidx.activity.result.ActivityResultCaller.registerForActivityResult to avoid having to manage request codes when calling an activity API for which a type-safe contract is not available.


Public constructors

Public methods

@NonNull Intent
createIntent(Context context, Intent input)

Create an intent that can be used for

@NonNull ActivityResult
parseResult(int resultCode, Intent intent)

Convert result obtained from to O.

Inherited methods

From class ActivityResultContract
ActivityResultContract.SynchronousResult<@NonNull ActivityResult>

An optional method you can implement that can be used to potentially provide a result in lieu of starting an activity.

Public constructors


public final StartActivityForResult()

Public methods


public @NonNull Intent createIntent(