@RequiresApi(value = 18) public class ActivityResultContracts.GetMultipleContents extends ActivityResultContract

An ActivityResultContract to prompt the user to pick one or more a pieces of content, receiving a content://Uri for each piece of content that allows you to use android.content.ContentResolver.openInputStream to access the raw data. By default, this adds Intent.CATEGORY_OPENABLE to only return content that can be represented as a stream.

The input is the mime type to filter by, e.g. image/\*.

This can be extended to override createIntent if you wish to pass additional extras to the Intent created by super.createIntent().


Public constructors

Public methods

@CallSuper @NonNull Intent
createIntent(Context context, String input)

Create an intent that can be used for

final ActivityResultContract.SynchronousResult<@NonNull List<@NonNull Uri>>

An optional method you can implement that can be used to potentially provide a result in lieu of starting an activity.

final @NonNull List<@NonNull Uri>
parseResult(int resultCode, Intent intent)

Convert result obtained from to O.

Public constructors


public final GetMultipleContents()

Public methods


public @NonNull Intent createIntent(Context context, String input)

Create an intent that can be used for