ConfirmationOverlay.OverlayType Types of animations to display in the overlay. 


CircularProgressLayout.OnTimerFinishedListener Interface to implement for listening to onTimerFinished(CircularProgressLayout) event. 
ConfirmationOverlay.OnAnimationFinishedListener Interface for listeners to be notified when the ConfirmationOverlay animation has finished and its View has been removed. 


BoxInsetLayout BoxInsetLayout is a screen shape-aware ViewGroup that can box its children in the center square of a round screen by using the layout_boxedEdges attribute. 
BoxInsetLayout.LayoutParams Per-child layout information for layouts that support margins, gravity and boxedEdges. 
CircularProgressLayout CircularProgressLayout adds a circular countdown timer behind the view it contains, typically used to automatically confirm an operation after a short delay has elapsed. 
ConfirmationOverlay Displays a full-screen confirmation animation with optional text and then hides it. 
CurvingLayoutCallback An implementation of the WearableLinearLayoutManager.LayoutCallback aligning the children of the associated WearableRecyclerView along a pre-defined vertical curve. 
RoundedDrawable Maintains and draws a drawable inside rounded rectangular bounds. 
SwipeDismissFrameLayout A layout enabling left-to-right swipe-to-dismiss, intended for use within an activity. 
SwipeDismissFrameLayout.Callback Implement this callback to act on particular stages of the dismissal. 
WearableLinearLayoutManager This wear-specific implementation of LinearLayoutManager provides basic offsetting logic for updating child layout. 
WearableLinearLayoutManager.LayoutCallback Callback for interacting with layout passes. 
WearableRecyclerView Wearable specific implementation of the RecyclerView enabling setCircularScrollingGestureEnabled(boolean) circular scrolling} and semi-circular layouts.