public final class SimpleSQLiteQuery
extends Object implements SupportSQLiteQuery

   ↳ androidx.sqlite.db.SimpleSQLiteQuery

A basic implementation of SupportSQLiteQuery which receives a query and its args and binds args based on the passed in Object type.


Public constructors

SimpleSQLiteQuery(String query, Object[] bindArgs)

Creates an SQL query with the sql string and the bind arguments.

SimpleSQLiteQuery(String query)

Creates an SQL query without any bind arguments.

Public methods

static void bind(SupportSQLiteProgram statement, Object[] bindArgs)

Binds the given arguments into the given sqlite statement.

void bindTo(SupportSQLiteProgram statement)

Callback to bind the query parameters to the compiled statement.

int getArgCount()

Returns the number of arguments in this query.

String getSql()

The SQL query.

Inherited methods