RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.AdapterChanges The set of flags that might be passed to RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.recordPreLayoutInformation(State, ViewHolder, int, List)


AsyncListDiffer.ListListener<T> Listener for when the current List is updated. 
ItemTouchHelper.ViewDropHandler An interface which can be implemented by LayoutManager for better integration with ItemTouchHelper
ItemTouchUIUtil Utility class for ItemTouchHelper which handles item transformations for different API versions. 
ListUpdateCallback An interface that can receive Update operations that are applied to a list. 
RecyclerView.ChildDrawingOrderCallback A callback interface that can be used to alter the drawing order of RecyclerView children. 
RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemAnimatorFinishedListener This interface is used to inform listeners when all pending or running animations in an ItemAnimator are finished. 
RecyclerView.LayoutManager.LayoutPrefetchRegistry Interface for LayoutManagers to request items to be prefetched, based on position, with specified distance from viewport, which indicates priority. 
RecyclerView.OnChildAttachStateChangeListener A Listener interface that can be attached to a RecylcerView to get notified whenever a ViewHolder is attached to or detached from RecyclerView. 
RecyclerView.OnItemTouchListener An OnItemTouchListener allows the application to intercept touch events in progress at the view hierarchy level of the RecyclerView before those touch events are considered for RecyclerView's own scrolling behavior. 
RecyclerView.RecyclerListener A RecyclerListener can be set on a RecyclerView to receive messages whenever a view is recycled. 
RecyclerView.SmoothScroller.ScrollVectorProvider An interface which is optionally implemented by custom RecyclerView.LayoutManager to provide a hint to a RecyclerView.SmoothScroller about the location of the target position. 


AdapterListUpdateCallback ListUpdateCallback that dispatches update events to the given adapter. 
AsyncDifferConfig<T> Configuration object for ListAdapter, AsyncListDiffer, and similar background-thread list diffing adapter logic. 
AsyncDifferConfig.Builder<T> Builder class for AsyncDifferConfig
AsyncListDiffer<T> Helper for computing the difference between two lists via DiffUtil on a background thread. 
AsyncListUtil<T> A utility class that supports asynchronous content loading. 
AsyncListUtil.DataCallback<T> The callback that provides data access for AsyncListUtil