Support classes providing high level Leanback user interface building blocks.

Leanback fragments are available both as support fragments (subclassed from and as platform fragments (subclassed from A few of the most commonly used leanback fragments are described here.

A BrowseSupportFragment by default operates in the "row" mode. It includes an optional “fastlane” navigation side panel and a list of rows, with one-to-one correspondance between each header in the fastlane and a row. The application supplies the ObjectAdapter containing the list of rows and a PresenterSelector of row presenters.

A BrowseSupportFragment also works in a "page" mode when each row of fastlane is mapped to a fragment that the app registers in getMainFragmentRegistry().

A DetailsSupportFragment will typically consist of a large overview of an item at the top, some actions that a user can perform, and possibly rows of additional or related items. The content for this fragment is specified in the same way as for the BrowseSupportFragment, with the convention that the first element in the ObjectAdapter corresponds to the overview row. The DetailsOverviewRow and FullWidthDetailsOverviewRowPresenter provide a default template for this row.

A PlaybackSupportFragment or its subclass VideoSupportFragment hosts PlaybackTransportControlGlue or PlaybackBannerControlGlue with a Leanback look and feel. It is recommended to use an instance of PlaybackTransportControlGlue. This helper implements a standard behavior for user interaction with the most commonly used controls as well as video scrubbing.

A SearchSupportFragment allows the developer to accept a query from a user and display the results using the familiar list rows.

A GuidedStepSupportFragment is used to guide the user through a decision or series of decisions.


BrowseFragment.FragmentHost This interface is deprecated. use BrowseSupportFragment  
BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapterProvider This interface is deprecated. use BrowseSupportFragment  
BrowseFragment.MainFragmentRowsAdapterProvider This interface is deprecated. use BrowseSupportFragment  
BrowseSupportFragment.FragmentHost Possible set of actions that BrowseSupportFragment exposes to clients. 
BrowseSupportFragment.MainFragmentAdapterProvider Interface to be implemented by all fragments for providing an instance of BrowseSupportFragment.MainFragmentAdapter
BrowseSupportFragment.MainFragmentRowsAdapterProvider Interface to be implemented by RowsSupportFragment and its subclasses for providing an instance of BrowseSupportFragment.MainFragmentRowsAdapter
HeadersFragment.OnHeaderClickedListener This interface is deprecated. use HeadersSupportFragment  
HeadersFragment.OnHeaderViewSelectedListener This interface is deprecated. use HeadersSupportFragment