public static abstract class EmojiCompat.Config
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.emoji.text.EmojiCompat.Config

Configuration class for EmojiCompat. Changes to the values will be ignored after EmojiCompat.init(Config) is called.


Protected constructors

Config(EmojiCompat.MetadataRepoLoader metadataLoader)

Default constructor.

Public methods

EmojiCompat.Config registerInitCallback(EmojiCompat.InitCallback initCallback)

Registers an initialization callback.

EmojiCompat.Config setEmojiSpanIndicatorColor(int color)

Sets the color used as emoji span indicator.

EmojiCompat.Config setEmojiSpanIndicatorEnabled(boolean emojiSpanIndicatorEnabled)

Determines whether a background will be drawn for the emojis that are found and replaced by EmojiCompat.

EmojiCompat.Config setGlyphChecker(EmojiCompat.GlyphChecker glyphChecker)

The interface that is used by EmojiCompat in order to check if a given emoji can be rendered by the system.

EmojiCompat.Config setMetadataLoadStrategy(int strategy)

Determines the strategy to start loading the metadata.

EmojiCompat.Config setReplaceAll(boolean replaceAll)

Determines whether EmojiCompat should replace all the emojis it finds with the EmojiSpans.

EmojiCompat.Config setUseEmojiAsDefaultStyle(boolean useEmojiAsDefaultStyle)

Determines whether EmojiCompat should use the emoji presentation style for emojis that have text style as default.