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DynamicAnimation.OnAnimationEndListener An animation listener that receives end notifications from an animation. 
DynamicAnimation.OnAnimationUpdateListener Implementors of this interface can add themselves as update listeners to an DynamicAnimation instance to receive callbacks on every animation frame, after the current frame's values have been calculated for that DynamicAnimation


DynamicAnimation<T extends DynamicAnimation<T>> This class is the base class of physics-based animations. 
DynamicAnimation.ViewProperty ViewProperty holds the access of a property of a View

Fling animation is an animation that continues an initial momentum (most often from gesture velocity) and gradually slows down. 


FloatPropertyCompat is an abstraction that can be used to represent a mutable float value that is held in a host object. 


FloatValueHolder holds a float value. 

SpringAnimation SpringAnimation is an animation that is driven by a SpringForce
SpringForce Spring Force defines the characteristics of the spring being used in the animation.