public final class PathInterpolatorCompat
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.core.view.animation.PathInterpolatorCompat

Helper for creating path-based Interpolator instances. On API 21 or newer, the platform implementation will be used and on older platforms a compatible alternative implementation will be used.


Public methods

static Interpolator create(Path path)

Create an Interpolator for an arbitrary Path.

static Interpolator create(float controlX1, float controlY1, float controlX2, float controlY2)

Create an Interpolator for a cubic Bezier curve.

static Interpolator create(float controlX, float controlY)

Create an Interpolator for a quadratic Bezier curve.

Inherited methods

Public methods


public static Interpolator create (Path path)

Create an Interpolator for an arbitrary Path. The Path must begin at (0, 0) and end at (1, 1). The x-coordinate along the Path is the input value and the output is the y coordinate of the line at that point. This means that the Path must conform to a function y = f(x).

The Path must not have gaps in the x direction and must not loop back on itself such that there can be two points sharing the same x coordinate.