public static class NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation
extends Object


This class is deprecated.
NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation is no longer supported. Use NotificationCompat.MessagingStyle instead.

A class which holds the unread messages from a conversation.


Nested classes

class NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation.Builder

Builder class for NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation objects. 

Public methods

long getLatestTimestamp()

Gets the timestamp of the conversation.

String[] getMessages()

Gets the list of messages conveyed by this notification.

String getParticipant()

Gets the firs participant in the conversation.

String[] getParticipants()

Gets the participants in the conversation.

PendingIntent getReadPendingIntent()

Gets the pending intent that Android Auto will send after it reads aloud all messages in this object's message list.

RemoteInput getRemoteInput()

Gets the remote input that will be used to convey the response to a message list, or null if no such remote input exists.

PendingIntent getReplyPendingIntent()

Gets the pending intent that will be triggered when the user replies to this notification.

Inherited methods