CameraView A View that displays a preview of the camera with methods takePicture(Executor, OnImageCapturedCallback), takePicture(File, Executor, OnImageSavedCallback), startRecording(File, Executor, OnVideoSavedCallback) and stopRecording()
PreviewView Custom View that displays camera feed for CameraX's Preview use case. 
TextureViewImplementation The TextureView implementation for PreviewView  
TextureViewMeteringPointFactory A MeteringPointFactory for creating a MeteringPoint by TextureView and (x,y). 


CameraView.CaptureMode The capture mode used by CameraView. 
CameraView.ScaleType Options for scaling the bounds of the view finder to the bounds of this view. 
PreviewView.ImplementationMode The implementation mode of a PreviewView

Specifies how the Preview surface will be implemented internally: Using a SurfaceView or a TextureView (which is the default)