ExperimentalGetImage Denotes that the annotated method uses the experimental ImageProxy.getImage() method. 


Camera The camera interface is used to control the flow of data to use cases, control the camera via the CameraControl, and publish the state of the camera via CameraInfo
CameraControl The CameraControl provides various asynchronous operations like zoom, focus and metering which affects output of all UseCases currently bound to that camera. 
CameraFilter An interface for filtering cameras. 
CameraInfo An interface for retrieving camera information. 
CameraProvider A CameraProvider provides basic access to a set of cameras such as querying for camera existence or information. 
CameraXConfig.Provider An interface which can be implemented to provide the configuration for CameraX. 
ExposureState An interface which contains the camera exposure related information. 
ExtendableBuilder<T> Extendable builders are used to add externally defined options that can be passed to the implementation being built. 
ImageAnalysis.Analyzer Interface for analyzing images. 
ImageCapture.OnImageSavedCallback Listener containing callbacks for image file I/O events. 
ImageInfo Metadata for an image. 
ImageProxy An image proxy which has a similar interface as Image
ImageProxy.PlaneProxy A plane proxy which has an analogous interface as Image.Plane
Preview.SurfaceProvider A interface implemented by the application to provide a Surface for Preview
SurfaceRequest.TransformationInfoListener Listener that receives updates of the SurfaceRequest.TransformationInfo associated with the SurfaceRequest
ZoomState An interface which contains the zoom related information from a camera. 


AspectRatio The aspect ratio of the use case. 
CameraSelector A set of requirements and priorities used to select a camera or return a filtered set of cameras. 
CameraSelector.Builder Builder for a CameraSelector
CameraState Represents the different states the camera can be in. 
CameraState.StateError Error that the camera has encountered. 
CameraXConfig A configuration for adding implementation and user-specific behavior to CameraX. 
CameraXConfig.Builder A builder for generating CameraXConfig objects. 
DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory A MeteringPointFactory that can convert a View (x, y) into a MeteringPoint which can then be used to construct a FocusMeteringAction to start a focus and metering action. 
FocusMeteringAction A configuration used to trigger a focus and/or metering action. 
FocusMeteringAction.Builder The builder used to create the FocusMeteringAction
FocusMeteringResult Result of the CameraControl.startFocusAndMetering(FocusMeteringAction)
ImageAnalysis A use case providing CPU accessible images for an app to perform image analysis on. 
ImageAnalysis.Builder Builder for a ImageAnalysis
ImageCapture A use case for taking a picture. 
ImageCapture.Builder Builder for an ImageCapture
ImageCapture.Metadata Holder class for metadata that will be saved with captured images. 
ImageCapture.OnImageCapturedCallback Callback for when an image capture has completed. 
ImageCapture.OutputFileOptions Options for saving newly captured image. 
ImageCapture.OutputFileOptions.Builder Builder class for ImageCapture.OutputFileOptions
ImageCapture.OutputFileResults Info about the saved image file. 
MeteringPoint A MeteringPoint is used to specify a region which can then be converted to sensor coordinate system for focus and metering purpose. 
MeteringPointFactory A factory to create a MeteringPoint
Preview A use case that provides a camera preview stream for displaying on-screen. 
Preview.Builder Builder for a Preview
ResolutionInfo A ResolutionInfo allows the application to know the resolution information of a specific use case. 
SurfaceOrientedMeteringPointFactory A MeteringPointFactory that can create MeteringPoint by surface oriented x, y on an area defined by (0, 0) - (width, height). 
SurfaceRequest A completable, single-use request of a Surface
SurfaceRequest.Result Result of providing a surface to a SurfaceRequest via SurfaceRequest.provideSurface(Surface, Executor, Consumer)
SurfaceRequest.TransformationInfo Transformation associated the preview output. 
TorchState The camera flash torch state. 
UseCase The use case which all other use cases are built on top of.