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ExperimentalCamera2Interop Denotes that the annotated method uses the experimental methods which allow direct access to camera2 classes. 


Camera2CameraFilter.Camera2Filter An interface that filters cameras based on camera IDs and characteristics. 


Camera2CameraControl An class that provides ability to interoperate with the android.hardware.camera2 APIs. 
Camera2CameraFilter Provides ability to filter cameras with camera IDs and characteristics and create the corresponding CameraFilter
Camera2CameraInfo An interface for retrieving Camera2-related camera information. 
Camera2Interop Utilities related to interoperability with the android.hardware.camera2 APIs. 
Camera2Interop.Extender<T> Extends a ExtendableBuilder to add Camera2 options. 
CaptureRequestOptions A bundle of Camera2 capture request options. 
CaptureRequestOptions.Builder Builder for creating CaptureRequestOptions instance.