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TokenStore Users should implement this interface to persist the given Token (across app restarts). 
TrustedWebActivityDisplayMode Represents display mode of a Trusted Web Activity. 


ScreenOrientation Represents screenOrientationLock type value of a Trusted Web Activity:  
Token Stores a package's identity, a combination of its package name and signing certificate. 
TrustedWebActivityCallback A callback class for browser to get messages from client app. 
TrustedWebActivityCallbackRemote TrustedWebActivityCallbackRemote is used by client app to execute callbacks from a binder of TrustedWebActivityCallback
TrustedWebActivityDisplayMode.DefaultMode Default mode: the system UI (status bar, navigation bar) is shown, and the browser toolbar is hidden while the user is on a verified origin. 
TrustedWebActivityDisplayMode.ImmersiveMode Immersive mode: both the browser controls and the system UI (status bar, navigation bar) is hidden while the user is on a verified origin. 
TrustedWebActivityIntent Holds an Intent and other data necessary to start a Trusted Web Activity. 
TrustedWebActivityIntentBuilder Constructs instances of TrustedWebActivityIntent that can be used to start Trusted Web Activities (see TrustedWebUtils for more details). 
TrustedWebActivityService The TrustedWebActivityService lives in a client app and serves requests from a Trusted Web Activity provider. 
TrustedWebActivityServiceConnection TrustedWebActivityServiceConnection is used by a Trusted Web Activity provider to wrap calls to the TrustedWebActivityService in the client app. 
TrustedWebActivityServiceConnectionPool A TrustedWebActivityServiceConnectionPool will be used by a Trusted Web Activity provider and takes care of connecting to and communicating with TrustedWebActivityServices.