AppSearchSession Provides a connection to a single AppSearch database. 
Capabilities A class that encapsulates all features that are only supported with certain combinations of backend and Android API Level. 
DocumentClassFactory<T> An interface for factories which can convert between instances of classes annotated with \@Document and instances of GenericDocument
GlobalSearchSession Provides a connection to all AppSearch databases the querying application has been granted access to. 
SearchResults Encapsulates results of a search operation. 


AppSearchBatchResult<KeyType, ValueType> Provides results for AppSearch batch operations which encompass multiple documents. 
AppSearchBatchResult.Builder<KeyType, ValueType> Builder for AppSearchBatchResult objects. 
AppSearchResult<ValueType> Information about the success or failure of an AppSearch call. 
AppSearchSchema The AppSearch Schema for a particular type of document. 
AppSearchSchema.BooleanPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a boolean. 
AppSearchSchema.BooleanPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.BooleanPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.Builder Builder for objects
AppSearchSchema.BytesPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a byte array. 
AppSearchSchema.BytesPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.BytesPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.DocumentPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing another Document. 
AppSearchSchema.DocumentPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.DocumentPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.DoublePropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a double-precision decimal number. 
AppSearchSchema.DoublePropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.DoublePropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.LongPropertyConfig Configuration for a property containing a 64-bit integer. 
AppSearchSchema.LongPropertyConfig.Builder Builder for AppSearchSchema.LongPropertyConfig
AppSearchSchema.PropertyConfig Common configuration for a single property (field) in a Document.