MediaBrowserCompat Browses media content offered by a MediaBrowserServiceCompat
MediaBrowserCompat.ConnectionCallback Callbacks for connection related events. 
MediaBrowserCompat.CustomActionCallback Callback for receiving the result of MediaBrowserCompat.sendCustomAction(String, Bundle, MediaBrowserCompat.CustomActionCallback)
MediaBrowserCompat.ItemCallback Callback for receiving the result of MediaBrowserCompat.getItem(String, MediaBrowserCompat.ItemCallback)
MediaBrowserCompat.MediaItem A class with information on a single media item for use in browsing/searching media. 
MediaBrowserCompat.SearchCallback Callback for receiving the result of, Bundle, MediaBrowserCompat.SearchCallback)
MediaBrowserCompat.SubscriptionCallback Callbacks for subscription related events. 
MediaDescriptionCompat A simple set of metadata for a media item suitable for display. 
MediaDescriptionCompat.Builder Builder for MediaDescriptionCompat objects. 
MediaMetadataCompat Contains metadata about an item, such as the title, artist, etc. 
MediaMetadataCompat.Builder Use to build MediaMetadata objects. 
RatingCompat A class to encapsulate rating information used as content metadata.