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added in version 22.0.0


MediaBrowserCompat Browses media content offered by a MediaBrowserServiceCompat
MediaBrowserCompat.ConnectionCallback Callbacks for connection related events. 
MediaBrowserCompat.ItemCallback Callback for receiving the result of getItem(String, MediaBrowserCompat.ItemCallback)
MediaBrowserCompat.MediaItem A class with information on a single media item for use in browsing/searching media. 
MediaBrowserCompat.SearchCallback Callback for receiving the result of search(String, Bundle, MediaBrowserCompat.SearchCallback)
MediaBrowserCompat.SubscriptionCallback Callbacks for subscription related events. 
MediaBrowserServiceCompat Base class for media browse services. 
MediaBrowserServiceCompat.BrowserRoot Contains information that the browser service needs to send to the client when first connected. 
MediaBrowserServiceCompat.Result<T> Completion handler for asynchronous callback methods in MediaBrowserServiceCompat
MediaDescriptionCompat A simple set of metadata for a media item suitable for display. 
MediaDescriptionCompat.Builder Builder for MediaDescriptionCompat objects. 
MediaMetadataCompat Contains metadata about an item, such as the title, artist, etc. 
MediaMetadataCompat.Builder Use to build MediaMetadata objects. 
RatingCompat A class to encapsulate rating information used as content metadata. 
TransportController This class was deprecated in API level 25.3.0. Use MediaControllerCompat.  
TransportMediator This class was deprecated in API level 25.3.0. Use MediaControllerCompat.  
TransportPerformer This class was deprecated in API level 25.3.0. Use MediaSessionCompat.  
TransportStateListener This class was deprecated in API level 25.3.0. Use MediaControllerCompat.Callback.  
VolumeProviderCompat Handles requests to adjust or set the volume on a session. 
VolumeProviderCompat.Callback Listens for changes to the volume. 
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