interface DynamicFeatureVariantDimension : VariantDimension

Known direct subclasses

Shared properties between DSL objects ProductFlavor and DefaultConfig for dynamic features.


Build types define certain properties that Gradle uses when building and packaging your app, and are typically configured for different stages of your development lifecycle.

Known indirect subclasses

Specifies defaults for properties that the Android dynamic-feature plugin applies to all build variants.


Encapsulates all product flavors properties for dynamic feature projects.

Shared properties between DSL objects that contribute to an dynamic feature variant.

That is, DynamicFeatureBuildType and DynamicFeatureProductFlavor and DynamicFeatureDefaultConfig.


Inherited functions

From class VariantDimension
@Incubating Unit
addManifestPlaceholders(manifestPlaceholders: Map<String?, Any?>?)

Adds manifest placeholders.

@Incubating Unit
buildConfigField(type: String?, name: String?, value: String?)

Adds a new field to the generated BuildConfig class.

@Incubating Unit

Encapsulates per-variant CMake and ndk-build configurations for your external native build.


Options for configuring Java compilation.

@Incubating Unit
ndk(action: (@ExtensionFunctionType Ndk.() -> Unit)?)

Encapsulates per-variant configurations for the NDK, such as ABI filters.

@Incubating Any
proguardFile(proguardFile: Any?)

Adds a new ProGuard configuration file.

@Incubating Any
proguardFiles(vararg files: Any?)

Adds new ProGuard configuration files.

@Incubating Unit
resValue(type: String?, name: String?, value: String?)

Adds a new generated resource.

@Incubating Void?
setManifestPlaceholders(manifestPlaceholders: Map<String?, Any?>?)

This function is deprecated. Use manifestPlaceholders property instead

@Incubating Any
setProguardFiles(proguardFileIterable: Iterable<*>?)

Replaces the ProGuard configuration files.

@Incubating Unit

Configure the shader compiler options.

@Incubating Any
testProguardFile(proguardFile: Any?)

Adds a proguard rule file to be used when processing test code.

@Incubating Any
testProguardFiles(vararg proguardFiles: Any?)

Adds proguard rule files to be used when processing test code.