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interface LibraryProductFlavor : LibraryBaseFlavor, ProductFlavor

Encapsulates all product flavors properties for library projects.

Product flavors represent different versions of your project that you expect to co-exist on a single device, the Google Play store, or repository. For example, you can configure 'demo' and 'full' product flavors for your app, and each of those flavors can specify different features, device requirements, resources, and application ID's--while sharing common source code and resources. So, product flavors allow you to output different versions of your project by simply changing only the components and settings that are different between them.

Configuring product flavors is similar to configuring build types: add them to the productFlavors block of your project's build.gradle file and configure the settings you want.

Product flavors support the same properties as the DefaultConfig block—this is because defaultConfig defines a ProductFlavor object that the plugin uses as the base configuration for all other flavors. Each flavor you configure can then override any of the default values in defaultConfig, such as the applicationId.

When using Android plugin 3.0.0 and higher, each flavor must belong to a dimension.

When you configure product flavors, the Android plugin automatically combines them with your BuildType configurations to create build variants. If the plugin creates certain build variants that you don't want, you can filter variants using android.variantFilter.


Inherited functions


abstract Boolean

Whether this product flavor should be selected in Studio by default

Inherited properties



abstract var isDefault: Boolean

Whether this product flavor should be selected in Studio by default