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interface DynamicFeatureProductFlavor : DynamicFeatureBaseFlavor, ProductFlavor

Encapsulates all product flavors properties for dynamic feature projects.

Dynamic features must have exactly the same product flavors (name and dimensions) as the app that includes them, however settings can be different between the application and the dynamic feature. Properties on dynamic feature product flavors fall in to three categories.

  • Properties global to the application that affect the build flow, and so must be explicitly set in the dynamic feature. For example, the flavor names and dimensions must match the application that includes this dynamic feature.
  • Properties global to the application that do not affect the build flow. These are set in the project, and are automatically configured on the dynamic feature, they cannot be set on the dynamic feature. For example, application ID suffix and signing cannot be configured on the dynamic feature and are not present on this interface.
  • Properties that can vary between the app and the dynamic feature. For example, resValues can be used independently from the app in a dynamic feature.

See ApplicationProductFlavor


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