added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class SparseArrayObjectAdapter
extends ObjectAdapter


An ObjectAdapter implemented with a SparseArray. This class maintains an array of objects where each object is associated with an integer key which determines its order relative to other objects.


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Public constructors

SparseArrayObjectAdapter(PresenterSelector presenterSelector)

Constructs an adapter with the given PresenterSelector.

SparseArrayObjectAdapter(Presenter presenter)

Constructs an adapter with the given Presenter.


Constructs an adapter.

Public methods

void clear(int key)

Clears the given key and associated item from the adapter.

void clear()

Removes all items from this adapter, leaving it empty.

Object get(int position)

Returns the item for the given position.

int indexOf(Object item)

Returns the index for the given item in the adapter.

int indexOf(int key)

Returns the index for the given key in the adapter.

boolean isImmediateNotifySupported()

Returns true if the adapter pairs each underlying data change with a call to notify and false otherwise.

Object lookup(int key)

Returns the object for the given key, or null if no mapping for that key exists.

void notifyArrayItemRangeChanged(int positionStart, int itemCount)

Notify that the content of a range of items changed.

void set(int key, Object item)

Sets the item for the given key.

int size()

Returns the number of items in the adapter.

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