added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class GuidedActionsStylist
extends Object implements FragmentAnimationProvider


GuidedActionsStylist is used within a GuidedStepFragment to supply the right-side panel where users can take actions. It consists of a container for the list of actions, and a stationary selector view that indicates visually the location of focus. GuidedActionsStylist has two different layouts: default is for normal actions including text, radio, checkbox, DatePicker, etc, the other when setAsButtonActions() is called is recommended for button actions such as "yes", "no".

Many aspects of the base GuidedActionsStylist can be customized through theming; see the theme attributes below. Note that these attributes are not set on individual elements in layout XML, but instead would be set in a custom theme. See Styles and Themes for more information.

If these hooks are insufficient, this class may also be subclassed. Subclasses may wish to override the onProvideLayoutId() method to change the layout used to display the list container and selector; override onProvideItemLayoutId(int) and getItemViewType(GuidedAction) method to change the layout used to display each action.

To support a "click to activate" view similar to DatePicker, app needs:

  • Override onProvideItemLayoutId(int) and getItemViewType(GuidedAction), provides a layout id for the action.
  • The layout must include a widget with id "guidedactions_activator_item", the widget is toggled edit mode by setActivated(boolean).
  • Override onBindActivatorView(ViewHolder, GuidedAction) to populate values into View.
  • Override onUpdateActivatorView(ViewHolder, GuidedAction) to update action.

    Note: If an alternate list layout is provided, the following view IDs must be supplied:

    These view IDs must be present in order for the stylist to function. The list ID must correspond to a VerticalGridView or subclass.

    If an alternate item layout is provided, the following view IDs should be used to refer to base elements:

    These view IDs are allowed to be missing, in which case the corresponding views in GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder will be null.

    In order to support editable actions, the view associated with guidedactions_item_title should be a subclass of EditText, and should satisfy the ImeKeyMonitor interface.


    Nested classes

    class GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder

    ViewHolder caches information about the action item layouts' subviews. 

    XML attributes




    ViewType for DatePicker.


    Default viewType that associated with default layout Id for the action item.

    Public constructors


    Public methods

    void collapseAction(boolean withTransition)

    Collapse expanded action.

    void expandAction(GuidedAction action, boolean withTransition)

    Expand an action.

    VerticalGridView getActionsGridView()

    Returns the VerticalGridView that displays the list of GuidedActions.

    GuidedAction getExpandedAction()
    int getItemViewType(GuidedAction action)

    Return view type of action, each different type can have differently associated layout Id.

    VerticalGridView getSubActionsGridView()

    Returns the VerticalGridView that displays the sub actions list of an expanded action.

    final boolean isBackKeyToCollapseActivatorView()
    final boolean isBackKeyToCollapseSubActions()
    boolean isButtonActions()

    Returns true if it is button actions list, false for normal actions list.

    boolean isExpandTransitionSupported()

    Returns if expand/collapse animation is supported.

    boolean isExpanded()
    boolean isInExpandTransition()

    Returns true if it is running an expanding or collapsing transition, false otherwise.

    boolean isSubActionsExpanded()
    void onAnimateItemChecked(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, boolean checked)

    Animates the view holder's view (or subviews thereof) when the action has had its check state changed.

    void onAnimateItemFocused(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, boolean focused)

    Animates the view holder's view (or subviews thereof) when the action has had its focus state changed.

    void onAnimateItemPressed(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, boolean pressed)

    Animates the view holder's view (or subviews thereof) when the action has had its press state changed.

    void onAnimateItemPressedCancelled(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh)

    Resets the view holder's view to unpressed state.

    void onBindActivatorView(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, GuidedAction action)

    Performs binding activator view value to action.

    void onBindCheckMarkView(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, GuidedAction action)

    Sets states of check mark view, called by onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder, GuidedAction) when action's checkset Id is other than NO_CHECK_SET.

    void onBindChevronView(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, GuidedAction action)

    Sets states of chevron view, called by onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder, GuidedAction).

    void onBindViewHolder(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, GuidedAction action)

    Binds a GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder to a particular GuidedAction.

    View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container)

    Creates a view appropriate for displaying a list of GuidedActions, using the provided inflater and container.

    GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType)

    Constructs a GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder capable of representing GuidedActions.

    GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup parent)

    Constructs a GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder capable of representing GuidedActions.

    void onDestroyView()

    Called when destroy the View created by GuidedActionsStylist.

    void onImeAppearing(List<Animator> animators)

    Animates the fragment in response to the IME appearing.

    void onImeDisappearing(List<Animator> animators)

    Animates the fragment in response to the IME disappearing.

    int onProvideItemLayoutId()

    Provides the resource ID of the layout defining the view for an individual guided actions.

    int onProvideItemLayoutId(int viewType)

    Provides the resource ID of the layout defining the view for an individual guided actions.

    int onProvideLayoutId()

    Provides the resource ID of the layout defining the host view for the list of guided actions.

    boolean onUpdateActivatorView(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder vh, GuidedAction action)

    Performs updating GuidedAction from activator view.

    void onUpdateExpandedViewHolder(GuidedActionsStylist.ViewHolder avh)

    Expand or collapse GuidedActionStylist.

    void openInEditMode(