added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static class RowPresenter.ViewHolder
extends Presenter.ViewHolder

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A ViewHolder for a Row.



protected final ColorOverlayDimmer mColorDimmer

Inherited fields

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Public constructors

RowPresenter.ViewHolder(View view)

Constructor for ViewHolder.

Public methods

final RowHeaderPresenter.ViewHolder getHeaderViewHolder()

Returns the view holder for the Row header for this Row.

final BaseOnItemViewClickedListener getOnItemViewClickedListener()

Returns the listener for item click event.

final BaseOnItemViewSelectedListener getOnItemViewSelectedListener()

Returns the listener for item or row selection.

View.OnKeyListener getOnKeyListener()

Returns the key listener.

final Row getRow()

Returns the row bound to this ViewHolder.

final Object getRowObject()