added in version 24.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact
Deprecated since version 27.1.0


public static class BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapter
extends Object

   ↳<T extends>
Known Direct Subclasses

This class was deprecated in API level 27.1.0.
use BrowseSupportFragment

Interface that defines the interaction between BrowseFragment and its main content fragment. The key method is getFragment(), it will be used to get the fragment to be shown in the content section. Clients can provide any implementation of fragment and customize its interaction with BrowseFragment by overriding the necessary methods.

Clients are expected to provide an instance of BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapterRegistry which will be responsible for providing implementations of BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapter for given content types. Currently we support different types of content - ListRow, PageRow or any subtype of Row. We provide an out of the box adapter implementation for any rows other than PageRow - RowsFragment.MainFragmentAdapter.

PageRow is intended to give full flexibility to developers in terms of Fragment design. Users will have to provide an implementation of BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapter and provide that through BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapterRegistry. BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapter implementation can supply any fragment and override just those interactions that makes sense.


Public constructors

BrowseFragment.MainFragmentAdapter(T fragment)

Public methods

final T getFragment()
final BrowseFragment.FragmentHost getFragmentHost()

Returns the current host interface so that main fragment can interact with BrowseFragment.

boolean isScalingEnabled()

Returns whether row scaling is enabled.

boolean isScrolling()

Returns whether its scrolling.

void onTransitionEnd()

Callback indicating transition end.

boolean onTransitionPrepare()

Callback indicating transition prepare start.

void onTransitionStart()

Callback indicating transition start.

void setAlignment(int windowAlignOffsetFromTop)

Sets the window alignment and also the pivots for scale operation.

void setEntranceTransitionState(boolean state)

For rows that willing to participate entrance transition, this function hide views if afterTransition is true, show views if afterTransition is false.

void setExpand(boolean expand)

Set the visibility of titles/hover card of browse rows.

void setScalingEnabled(boolean scalingEnabled)

Sets the row scaling property.

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