added in version 26.1.0
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public class CircularPropagation
extends VisibilityPropagation


A propagation that varies with the distance to the epicenter of the Transition or center of the scene if no epicenter exists. When a View is visible in the start of the transition, Views farther from the epicenter will transition sooner than Views closer to the epicenter. When a View is not in the start of the transition or is not visible at the start of the transition, it will transition sooner when closer to the epicenter and later when farther from the epicenter. This is the default TransitionPropagation used with Explode.


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Public methods

long getStartDelay(ViewGroup sceneRoot, Transition transition, TransitionValues startValues, TransitionValues endValues)

Called by Transition to alter the Animator start delay.

void setPropagationSpeed(float propagationSpeed)

Sets the speed at which transition propagation happens, relative to the duration of the Transition.

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