added in version 24.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact
Deprecated since version 27.1.0


public static abstract @interface CoordinatorLayout.DefaultBehavior
implements Annotation

This @interface was deprecated in API level 27.1.0.
Use CoordinatorLayout.AttachedBehavior instead

Defines the default CoordinatorLayout.Behavior of a View class.

When writing a custom view, use this annotation to define the default behavior when used as a direct child of an CoordinatorLayout. The default behavior can be overridden using setBehavior(CoordinatorLayout.Behavior).

Example: @DefaultBehavior(MyBehavior.class)


Public methods

Class<? extends Behavior> value()

Inherited methods

From interface java.lang.annotation.Annotation

Public methods


Class<? extends Behavior> value ()

Class<? extends Behavior>