added in version 25.4.0
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public class FitWidthBitmapDrawable
extends Drawable


Subclass of Drawable that can be used to draw a bitmap into a region. Bitmap will be scaled to fit the full width of the region and will be aligned to the top left corner. Any region outside the bounds will be clipped during draw(Canvas) call. Top position of the bitmap can be controlled by setVerticalOffset(int) call or PROPERTY_VERTICAL_OFFSET.



public static final Property<FitWidthBitmapDrawable, Integer> PROPERTY_VERTICAL_OFFSET

Property for setVerticalOffset(int) and getVerticalOffset().

Public constructors


Public methods

void draw(Canvas canvas)
int getAlpha()
Bitmap getBitmap()

Returns the bitmap.

Drawable.ConstantState getConstantState()
int getOpacity()
Rect getSource()

Returns the Rect used for extracting the bitmap.

int getVerticalOffset()

Returns the current vertical offset.

Drawable mutate()
void setAlpha(int alpha)
void setBitmap(Bitmap bitmap)

Sets the bitmap.

void setColorFilter(ColorFilter colorFilter)
void setSource(Rect source)

Sets the Rect used for extracting the bitmap.

void setVerticalOffset(int offset)

Sets the vertical offset which will be used for drawing the bitmap.

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