added in version 27.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static interface AmbientMode.AmbientCallbackProvider

Interface for any Activity that wishes to implement Ambient Mode. Use the getAmbientCallback() method to return and AmbientMode.AmbientCallback which can be used to bind the AmbientMode to the instantiation of this interface.

return new AmbientMode.AmbientCallback() {
     public void onEnterAmbient(Bundle ambientDetails) {...}
     public void onExitAmbient(Bundle ambientDetails) {...}


Public methods

abstract AmbientMode.AmbientCallback getAmbientCallback()

Public methods


added in version 27.1.0
AmbientMode.AmbientCallback getAmbientCallback ()

AmbientMode.AmbientCallback the AmbientMode.AmbientCallback to be used by this class to communicate with the entity interested in ambient events.