added in version 22.1.0
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public class GuidanceStylist
extends Object implements FragmentAnimationProvider


GuidanceStylist is used within a GuidedStepFragment to display contextual information for the decision(s) required at that step.

Many aspects of the base GuidanceStylist can be customized through theming; see the theme attributes below. Note that these attributes are not set on individual elements in layout XML, but instead would be set in a custom theme. See Styles and Themes for more information.

If these hooks are insufficient, this class may also be subclassed. Subclasses may wish to override the onProvideLayoutId() method to change the layout file used to display the guidance; more complex layouts may be supported by also providing a subclass of GuidanceStylist.Guidance with extra fields.

Note: If an alternate layout is provided, the following view IDs should be used to refer to base elements:

View IDs are allowed to be missing, in which case the corresponding views will be null.


Nested classes

class GuidanceStylist.Guidance

A data class representing contextual information for a GuidedStepFragment

XML attributes


Public constructors


Public methods

TextView getBreadcrumbView()

Returns the view displaying the breadcrumb of the guidance.

TextView getDescriptionView()

Returns the view displaying the description of the guidance.

ImageView getIconView()

Returns the view displaying the icon of the guidance.

TextView getTitleView()

Returns the view displaying the title of the guidance.

View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, GuidanceStylist.Guidance guidance)

Creates an appropriately configured view for the given Guidance, using the provided inflater and container.

void onDestroyView()

Called when destroy the View created by GuidanceStylist.

void onImeAppearing(List<Animator> animators)

Animates the fragment in response to the IME appearing.

void onImeDisappearing(List<Animator> animators)

Animates the fragment in response to the IME disappearing.

int onProvideLayoutId()

Provides the resource ID of the layout defining the guidance view.

Inherited methods

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