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added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class SearchOrbView
extends FrameLayout implements View.OnClickListener

   ↳ android.view.View
     ↳ android.view.ViewGroup
       ↳ android.widget.FrameLayout
Known Direct Subclasses

A widget that draws a search affordance, represented by a round background and an icon.

The background color and icon can be customized.


Nested classes

class SearchOrbView.Colors

A set of colors used to display the search orb. 

Inherited constants

From class android.view.ViewGroup
From class android.view.View

Inherited fields

From class android.view.View

Public constructors

SearchOrbView(Context context)
SearchOrbView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs)
SearchOrbView(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyleAttr)

Public methods

void enableOrbColorAnimation(boolean enable)

Enables or disables the orb color animation.

int getOrbColor()

Returns the orb color

SearchOrbView.Colors getOrbColors()

Returns the SearchOrbView.Colors used to display the search orb.

Drawable getOrbIcon()

Returns the orb icon

void onClick(View view)
void setOnOrbClickedListener(View.OnClickListener listener)

Sets the on click listener for the orb.

void setOrbColor(int color)

Sets the background color of the search orb.

void setOrbColor(int color, int brightColor)

This method was deprecated in API level 22.1.0. Use setOrbColors(Colors) instead.

void setOrbColors(SearchOrbView.Colors colors)

Sets the SearchOrbView.Colors used to display the search orb.

void setOrbIcon(Drawable icon)

Sets the orb icon.

Protected methods

void onAttachedToWindow()
void onDetachedFromWindow()
void onFocusChanged(boolean gainFocus, int direction, Rect previouslyFocusedRect)

Inherited methods

From class android.widget.FrameLayout
From class android.view.ViewGroup