added in version 26.1.0
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public class PlaybackTransportRowPresenter
extends PlaybackRowPresenter


A PlaybackTransportRowPresenter renders a PlaybackControlsRow to display a series of playback control buttons. Typically this row will be the first row in a fragment such as the PlaybackSupportFragment.

The detailed description is rendered using a Presenter passed in setDescriptionPresenter(Presenter). This can be an instance of AbstractDetailsDescriptionPresenter. The application can access the detailed description ViewHolder from getDescriptionViewHolder().


Nested classes

class PlaybackTransportRowPresenter.ViewHolder

A ViewHolder for the PlaybackControlsRow supporting seek UI. 

Inherited constants

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Public constructors


Public methods

float getDefaultSeekIncrement()

Get default seek increment if PlaybackSeekDataProvider is null.

OnActionClickedListener getOnActionClickedListener()

Returns the listener for Action click events.

int getProgressColor()

Returns the primary color for the progress bar.

void onReappear(RowPresenter.ViewHolder rowViewHolder)

Provides hook to update the UI when the view reappears.

void setDefaultSeekIncrement(float ratio)

Set default seek increment if PlaybackSeekDataProvider is null.

void setDescriptionPresenter(Presenter descriptionPresenter)
void setOnActionClickedListener(OnActionClickedListener listener)

Sets the listener for Action click events.

void setProgressColor(int color)

Sets the primary color for the progress bar.

Protected methods

RowPresenter.ViewHolder createRowViewHolder(ViewGroup parent)

Called to create a ViewHolder object for a Row.

void onBindRowViewHolder(RowPresenter.ViewHolder holder, Object item)

Binds the given row object to the given ViewHolder.

void onProgressBarClicked(PlaybackTransportRowPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Client of progress bar is clicked, default implementation delegate click to PlayPauseAction.

void onRowViewAttachedToWindow(RowPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Invoked when the row view is attached to the window.

void onRowViewDetachedFromWindow(RowPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Invoked when the row view is detached from the window.

void onRowViewSelected(RowPresenter.ViewHolder vh, boolean selected)

Called when the given row view changes selection state.

void onUnbindRowViewHolder(RowPresenter.ViewHolder holder)

Unbinds the given ViewHolder.

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