added in version 24.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static class AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder
extends RowPresenter.ViewHolder


The ViewHolder for the AbstractMediaItemPresenter. It references different views that place different meta-data corresponding to a media item details, actions, selector, listeners, and presenters,


Inherited fields

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From class

Public constructors

AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder(View view)

Public methods

ViewGroup getMediaItemActionsContainer()
View getMediaItemDetailsView()
TextView getMediaItemDurationView()
TextView getMediaItemNameView()

Returns the view displayed when the media item is neither playing nor paused, corresponding to the playback state of PLAY_STATE_INITIAL.

TextView getMediaItemNumberView()
ViewFlipper getMediaItemNumberViewFlipper()
View getMediaItemPausedView()
View getMediaItemPlayingView()
MultiAction[] getMediaItemRowActions()
View getMediaItemRowSeparator()
View getSelectorView()
void notifyActionChanged(MultiActionsProvider.MultiAction action)

Notifies an action has changed in this media row and the UI needs to be updated

void notifyDetailsChanged()

Notifies the content of the media item details in a row has changed and triggers updating the UI.

void notifyPlayStateChanged()