added in version 22.1.0
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public class AccessibilityDelegateCompat
extends Object

Known Direct Subclasses

Helper for accessing View.AccessibilityDelegate.

Note: On platform versions prior to API 23, delegate methods on views in the android.widget.* package are called before host methods. This prevents certain properties such as class name from being modified by overriding onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo(View, AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat), as any changes will be overwritten by the host class.

Starting in API 23, delegate methods are called after host methods, which all properties to be modified without being overwritten by the host class.


Public constructors


Creates a new instance.

Public methods

boolean dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent(View host, AccessibilityEvent event)

Dispatches an AccessibilityEvent to the host View first and then to its children for adding their text content to the event.

AccessibilityNodeProviderCompat getAccessibilityNodeProvider(View host)

Gets the provider for managing a virtual view hierarchy rooted at this View and reported to AccessibilityServices that explore the window content.

void onInitializeAccessibilityEvent(View host, AccessibilityEvent event)

Initializes an AccessibilityEvent with information about the the host View which is the event source.

void onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo(View host, AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat info)

Initializes an AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat with information about the host view.

void onPopulateAccessibilityEvent(View host, AccessibilityEvent event)

Gives a chance to the host View to populate the accessibility event with its text content.

boolean onRequestSendAccessibilityEvent(ViewGroup host, View child, AccessibilityEvent event)

Called when a child of the host View has requested sending an AccessibilityEvent and gives an opportunity to the parent (the host) to augment the event.

boolean performAccessibilityAction(View host, int action, Bundle args)

Performs the specified accessibility action on the view.

void sendAccessibilityEvent(View host, int eventType)

Sends an accessibility event of the given type.

void sendAccessibilityEventUnchecked(View host, AccessibilityEvent event)

Sends an accessibility event.

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