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public abstract class AbstractMediaItemPresenter
extends RowPresenter


Abstract Presenter class for rendering media items in a playlist format. Media item data provided for this presenter can implement the interface MultiActionsProvider, if the media rows wish to contain custom actions. Media items in the playlist are arranged as a vertical list with each row holding each media item's details provided by the user of this class and a set of optional custom actions. Each media item's details and actions are separately focusable. The appearance of each one of the media row components can be controlled through setting theme's attributes. Each media item row provides a view flipper for switching between different views depending on the playback state. A default layout is provided by this presenter for rendering different playback states, or a custom layout can be provided by the user by overriding the playbackMediaItemNumberViewFlipperLayout attribute in the currently specified theme. Subclasses should also override getMediaPlayState(Object) to provide the current play state of their media item model in case they wish to use different views depending on the playback state. The presenter can optionally provide line separators between media rows by setting setHasMediaRowSeparator(boolean) to true.

Subclasses must override onBindMediaDetails(AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder, Object) to implement their media item model data binding to each row view.

The OnItemViewClickedListener and OnItemViewSelectedListener can be used in the same fashion to handle selection or click events on either of media details or each individual action views.

AbstractMediaListHeaderPresenter can be used in conjunction with this presenter in order to display a playlist with a header view.


Nested classes

class AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder

The ViewHolder for the AbstractMediaItemPresenter



Indicating that the media item is currently neither playing nor paused.


Indicating that the media item is currently paused.


Indicating that the media item is currently playing

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Public constructors


Constructor used for creating an abstract media item presenter.

AbstractMediaItemPresenter(int themeId)

Constructor used for creating an abstract media item presenter.

Public methods

Presenter getActionPresenter()

Return the presenter used to render a media item row actions.

int getThemeId()

Return The resource id of the theme that defines attributes controlling the appearance of different widgets in a media item row.

boolean hasMediaRowSeparator()
boolean isUsingDefaultSelectEffect()

Returns true if this RowPresenter is using the default dimming effect.

void onBindMediaPlayState(AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Binds the media item number view to the appropriate play state view of the media item.

void onUnbindMediaPlayState(AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Called when the given ViewHolder wants to unbind the play state view.

void setActionPresenter(Presenter actionPresenter)

Sets the action presenter rendering each optional custom action within each media item row.

void setBackgroundColor(int color)

Sets the background color for the row views within the playlist.

void setHasMediaRowSeparator(boolean hasSeparator)

Specifies whether a line separator should be used between media item rows.

void setThemeId(int themeId)

Sets the theme used to style a media item row components.

Protected methods

RowPresenter.ViewHolder createRowViewHolder(ViewGroup parent)

Called to create a ViewHolder object for a Row.

int getMediaPlayState(Object item)

Returns the current play state of the given media item.

boolean isClippingChildren()

Returns true if the Row view should clip its children.

abstract void onBindMediaDetails(AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder vh, Object item)

Binds the media item details to their views provided by the AbstractMediaItemPresenter.

void onBindRowActions(AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Binds the given media item object action to the given ViewHolder's action views.

void onBindRowViewHolder(RowPresenter.ViewHolder vh, Object item)

Binds the given row object to the given ViewHolder.

void onUnbindMediaDetails(AbstractMediaItemPresenter.ViewHolder vh)

Unbinds the media item details from their views provided by the AbstractMediaItemPresenter.

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