added in version 26.1.0
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public class PlaybackTransportRowPresenter.ViewHolder
extends PlaybackRowPresenter.ViewHolder implements PlaybackSeekUi


A ViewHolder for the PlaybackControlsRow supporting seek UI.


Inherited fields

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From class

Public constructors

PlaybackTransportRowPresenter.ViewHolder(View rootView, Presenter descriptionPresenter)

Constructor of ViewHolder of PlaybackTransportRowPresenter

Public methods

final TextView getCurrentPositionView()

Returns the TextView that showing current position label.

final Presenter.ViewHolder getDescriptionViewHolder()
final TextView getDurationView()

Returns the TextView that showing total time label.

void setPlaybackSeekUiClient(PlaybackSeekUi.Client client)

Interface to be implemented by UI widget to support PlaybackSeekUi.

Protected methods

void onSetCurrentPositionLabel(long currentTimeMs)

Called to update current time label.

void onSetDurationLabel(long totalTimeMs)

Called to update total time label.

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