added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public final class ShareCompat
extends Object


Extra helper functionality for sharing data between activities. ShareCompat provides functionality to extend the ACTION_SEND/ ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE protocol and support retrieving more info about the activity that invoked a social sharing action. ShareCompat.IntentBuilder provides helper functions for constructing a sharing intent that always includes data about the calling activity and app. This lets the called activity provide attribution for the app that shared content. Constructing an intent this way can be done in a method-chaining style. To obtain an IntentBuilder with info about your calling activity, use the static method from(Activity). ShareCompat.IntentReader provides helper functions for parsing the defined extras within an ACTION_SEND or ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE intent used to launch an activity. You can also obtain a Drawable for the caller's application icon and the application's localized label (the app's human-readable name). Social apps that enable sharing content are encouraged to use this information to call out the app that the content was shared from.


Nested classes

class ShareCompat.IntentBuilder

IntentBuilder is a helper for constructing ACTION_SEND and ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE sharing intents and starting activities to share content. 

class ShareCompat.IntentReader

IntentReader is a helper for reading the data contained within a sharing (ACTION_SEND) Intent. 



Intent extra that stores the ComponentName of the calling activity for an ACTION_SEND intent.


Intent extra that stores the name of the calling package for an ACTION_SEND intent.

Public methods

static void configureMenuItem(MenuItem item, ShareCompat.IntentBuilder shareIntent)

Configure a MenuItem to act as a sharing action.

static void configureMenuItem(Menu menu, int menuItemId, ShareCompat.IntentBuilder shareIntent)

Configure a menu item to act as a sharing action.

static ComponentName getCallingActivity(Activity calledActivity)

Retrieve the ComponentName of the activity that launched calledActivity from a share intent.

static String getCallingPackage(Activity calledActivity)

Retrieve the name of the package that launched calledActivity from a share intent.

Inherited methods

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