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added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class SearchEditText
extends EditText

   ↳ android.view.View
     ↳ android.widget.TextView
       ↳ android.widget.EditText

EditText widget that monitors keyboard changes.


Nested classes

interface SearchEditText.OnKeyboardDismissListener

Interface for receiving notification when the keyboard is dismissed. 

Inherited constants

From class android.widget.TextView
From class android.view.View

Inherited fields

From class android.view.View

Public constructors

SearchEditText(Context context)
SearchEditText(Context context, AttributeSet attrs)
SearchEditText(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyle)

Public methods

static boolean isLayoutRtl(View view)
void onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo(AccessibilityNodeInfo info)

This is required to make the View findable by uiautomator.

boolean onKeyPreIme(int keyCode, KeyEvent event)
void reset()

Resets the text view.

void setFinalRecognizedText(CharSequence finalText)

Sets the final, non changing, full text result.

void setOnKeyboardDismissListener(SearchEditText.OnKeyboardDismissListener listener)

Sets a keyboard dismissed listener.

void updateRecognizedText(String stableText, String pendingText)

Updates the recognized text.

void updateRecognizedText(String stableText, List<Float> rmsValues)

Protected methods

void onFinishInflate()

Inherited methods

From class android.widget.EditText
From class android.widget.TextView