added in version 26.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static class RecyclerViewAccessibilityDelegate.ItemDelegate
extends AccessibilityDelegateCompat


The default implementation of accessibility delegate for the individual items of the RecyclerView.

If you are overriding RecyclerViewAccessibilityDelegate#getItemDelegate() but still want to keep some default behavior, you can create an instance of this class and delegate to the parent as necessary.


Public constructors

RecyclerViewAccessibilityDelegate.ItemDelegate(RecyclerViewAccessibilityDelegate recyclerViewDelegate)

Creates an item delegate for the given RecyclerViewAccessibilityDelegate.

Public methods

void onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo(View host, AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat info)

Initializes an AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat with information about the host view.

boolean performAccessibilityAction(View host, int action, Bundle args)

Performs the specified accessibility action on the view.

Inherited methods

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