added in version 25.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public interface ThemedSpinnerAdapter
implements SpinnerAdapter

An extension of SpinnerAdapter that is capable of inflating drop-down views against a different theme than normal views.

Classes that implement this interface should use the theme provided to setDropDownViewTheme(Theme) when creating views in getDropDownView(int, View, ViewGroup).

The ThemedSpinnerAdapter.Helper class is provided to aide implementation in a backwards compatible way.


Nested classes

class ThemedSpinnerAdapter.Helper

A helper class which allows easy integration of ThemedSpinnerAdapter into existing SpinnerAdapters in a backwards compatible way. 

Inherited constants

From interface android.widget.Adapter

Public methods

abstract Resources.Theme getDropDownViewTheme()

Returns the value previously set by a call to setDropDownViewTheme(Theme).

abstract void setDropDownViewTheme(Resources.Theme theme)

Sets the Resources.Theme against which drop-down views are inflated.

Inherited methods

From interface android.widget.SpinnerAdapter
From interface android.widget.Adapter

Public methods