added in version 24.1.0
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public abstract class SimpleItemAnimator
extends RecyclerView.ItemAnimator

Known Direct Subclasses

A wrapper class for ItemAnimator that records View bounds and decides whether it should run move, change, add or remove animations. This class also replicates the original ItemAnimator API.

It uses RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemHolderInfo to track the bounds information of the Views. If you would like to extend this class, you can override obtainHolderInfo() method to provide your own info class that extends RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemHolderInfo.


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Public methods

abstract boolean animateAdd(RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder)

Called when an item is added to the RecyclerView.

boolean animateAppearance(RecyclerView.ViewHolder viewHolder, RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemHolderInfo preLayoutInfo, RecyclerView.ItemAnimator.ItemHolderInfo postLayoutInfo)

Called by the RecyclerView when a ViewHolder is added to the layout.

abstract boolean animateChange(RecyclerView.ViewHolder oldHolder, RecyclerView.ViewHolder newHolder, int fromLeft, int fromTop, int toLeft, int toTop)

Called when an item is changed in the RecyclerView, as indicated by a call to notifyItemChanged(int) or notifyItemRangeChanged(int, int).

boolean animateChange(