added in version 22.1.0
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public static abstract class RecyclerView.Adapter
extends Object

   ↳<VH extends>
Known Direct Subclasses

Base class for an Adapter

Adapters provide a binding from an app-specific data set to views that are displayed within a RecyclerView.


Public constructors


Public methods

final void bindViewHolder(VH holder, int position)

This method internally calls onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder, int) to update the RecyclerView.ViewHolder contents with the item at the given position and also sets up some private fields to be used by RecyclerView.

final VH createViewHolder(ViewGroup parent, int viewType)

This method calls onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup, int) to create a new RecyclerView.ViewHolder and initializes some private fields to be used by RecyclerView.

abstract int getItemCount()

Returns the total number of items in the data set held by the adapter.

long getItemId(int position)

Return the stable ID for the item at position.

int getItemViewType(int position)

Return the view type of the item at position for the purposes of view recycling.

final boolean hasObservers()

Returns true if one or more observers are attached to this adapter.

final boolean hasStableIds()

Returns true if this adapter publishes a unique long value that can act as a key for the item at a given position in the data set.

final void notifyDataSetChanged()

Notify any registered observers that the data set has changed.

final void notifyItemChanged(int position, Object payload)

Notify any registered observers that the item at position has changed with an optional payload object.

final void notifyItemChanged(int position)

Notify any registered observers that th