added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public final class RemoteInput
extends Object


Helper for using the RemoteInput.


Nested classes

class RemoteInput.Builder

Builder class for RemoteInput objects. 



Extra added to a clip data intent object to hold the text results bundle.


Label used to denote the clip data type used for remote input transport

Public methods

static void addDataResultToIntent(RemoteInput remoteInput, Intent intent, Map<String, Uri> results)

Same as addResultsToIntent(RemoteInput[], Intent, Bundle) but for setting data results.

static void addResultsToIntent(RemoteInput[] remoteInputs, Intent intent, Bundle results)

Populate an intent object with the results gathered from remote input.

boolean getAllowFreeFormInput()

Get whether or not users can provide an arbitrary value for input.

Set<String> getAllowedDataTypes()
CharSequence[] getChoices()

Get possible input choices.

static Map<String, Uri> getDataResultsFromIntent(Intent intent, String remoteInputResultKey)

Similar as getResultsFromIntent(Intent) but retrieves data results for a specific RemoteInput result.

Bundle getExtras()

Get additional metadata carried around with this remote input.

CharSequence getLabel()

Get the label to display to users when collecting this input.

String getResultKey()

Get the key that the result of this input will be set in from the Bundle returned by getResultsFromIntent(Intent) when the PendingIntent is sent.

static Bundle getResultsFromIntent(Intent intent)

Get the remote input text results bundle from an intent.

boolean isDataOnly()

Returns true if the input only accepts data, meaning getAllowFreeFormInput() is false, getChoices() is null or empty, and {@link #getAllowedDataTypes is non-null and not empty.

Inherited methods

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