added in version 22.1.0
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public static class ListRowPresenter.ViewHolder
extends RowPresenter.ViewHolder


ViewHolder for the ListRowPresenter.


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Public constructors

ListRowPresenter.ViewHolder(View rootView, HorizontalGridView gridView, ListRowPresenter p)

Public methods

final ItemBridgeAdapter getBridgeAdapter()

Gets ItemBridgeAdapter that creates the list of items.

final HorizontalGridView getGridView()

Gets HorizontalGridView that shows a list of items.

Presenter.ViewHolder getItemViewHolder(int position)

Gets ViewHolder at a position in adapter.

final ListRowPresenter getListRowPresenter()

Gets ListRowPresenter that creates this ViewHolder.

Object getSelectedItem()

Return currently selected item inside a row ViewHolder.

Presenter.ViewHolder getSelectedItemViewHolder()

Return RowPresenter.ViewHolder of currently selected item inside a row ViewHolder.

int getSelectedPosition()

Gets selected item position in adapter.

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