added in version 25.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public class PlaybackSupportFragment
extends Fragment

Known Direct Subclasses

A fragment for displaying playback controls and related content.

A PlaybackSupportFragment renders the elements of its ObjectAdapter as a set of rows in a vertical list. The Adapter's PresenterSelector must maintain subclasses of RowPresenter.

A playback row is a row rendered by PlaybackRowPresenter. App can call setPlaybackRow(Row) to set playback row for the first element of adapter. App can call setPlaybackRowPresenter(PlaybackRowPresenter) to set presenter for it. setPlaybackRow(Row) and setPlaybackRowPresenter(PlaybackRowPresenter) are optional, app can pass playback row and PlaybackRowPresenter in the adapter using setAdapter(ObjectAdapter).

Auto hide controls upon playing: best practice is calling setControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled(boolean) upon play/pause. The auto hiding timer will be cancelled upon tickle() triggered by input event.




A dark translucent background.


A light translucent background.


No background.

Public constructors


Public methods

void fadeOut()

This method was deprecated in API level 26.1.0. Call hideControlsOverlay(boolean)

ObjectAdapter getAdapter()
int getBackgroundType()

Returns the background type.

ProgressBarManager getProgressBarManager()

Returns the ProgressBarManager that will show or hide progress bar in onBufferingStateChanged(boolean).

void hideControlsOverlay(boolean runAnimation)

Hide controls overlay.

boolean isControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled()

Returns true if controls will be auto hidden after a delay when fragment is resumed.

boolean isControlsOverlayVisible()

Returns true if controls overlay is visible, false otherwise.

boolean isFadingEnabled()

This method was deprecated in API level 26.1.0. Uses isControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled()

void notifyPlaybackRowChanged()

Updates the ui when the row data changes.

void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

Called to do initial creation of a fragment.

View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState)

Called to have the fragment instantiate its user interface view.

void onDestroy()

Called when the fragment is no longer in use.

void onDestroyView()

Called when the view previously created by onCreateView(LayoutInflater, ViewGroup, Bundle) has been detached from the fragment.

void onPause()

Called when the Fragment is no longer resumed.

void onResume()

Called when the fragment is visible to the user and actively running.

void onStart()

Called when the Fragment is visible to the user.

void onStop()

Called when the Fragment is no longer started.

void onViewCreated(View view, Bundle savedInstanceState)

Called immediately after onCreateView(LayoutInflater, ViewGroup, Bundle) has returned, but before any saved state has been restored in to the view.

void setAdapter(ObjectAdapter adapter)

Sets the list of rows for the fragment.

void setBackgroundType(int type)

Sets the background type.

void setControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled(boolean enabled)

Enables or disables auto hiding controls overlay after a short delay fragment is resumed.

void setFadingEnabled(boolean enabled)

This method was deprecated in API level 26.1.0. Uses setControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled(boolean)

void setHostCallback(PlaybackGlueHost.HostCallback hostCallback)

Sets the PlaybackGlueHost.HostCallback.

void setOnItemViewClickedListener(BaseOnItemViewClickedListener listener)

This listener is called every time there is a click in RowsSupportFragment.

void setOnItemViewSelectedListener(BaseOnItemViewSelectedListener listener)

This listener is called every time there is a selection in RowsSupportFragment.

final void setOnKeyInterceptListener(View.OnKeyListener handler)

Sets the input event handler.

void setOnPlaybackItemViewClickedListener(BaseOnItemViewClickedListener listener)

Sets the BaseOnItemViewClickedListener that would be invoked for clicks only on PlaybackRowPresenter.ViewHolder.

void setPlaybackRow(Row row)

Sets the playback row for the playback controls.

void setPlaybackRowPresenter(PlaybackRowPresenter presenter)

Sets the presenter for rendering the playback row set by setPlaybackRow(Row).

void setPlaybackSeekUiClient(PlaybackSeekUi.Client client)

Interface to be implemented by UI widget to support PlaybackSeekUi.

void setSelectedPosition(int position)

Sets the selected row position with smooth animation.

void setSelectedPosition(int position, boolean smooth)

Sets the selected row position.

void showControlsOverlay(boolean runAnimation)

Show controls overlay.

void tickle()

Tickles the playback controls.

Protected methods

void onBufferingStateChanged(boolean start)

Called when media has start or stop buffering.

void onError(int errorCode, CharSequence errorMessage)

Called when media has error.

void onVideoSizeChanged(int videoWidth, int videoHeight)

Called when size of the video changes.

Inherited methods

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