added in version 25.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public abstract class PlaybackControlGlue
extends PlaybackGlue implements OnActionClickedListener, View.OnKeyListener

Known Direct Subclasses

A helper class for managing a PlaybackControlsRow and PlaybackGlueHost that implements a recommended approach to handling standard playback control actions such as play/pause, fast forward/rewind at progressive speed levels, and skip to next/previous. This helper class is a glue layer in that manages the configuration of and interaction between the leanback UI components by defining a functional interface to the media player.

You can instantiate a concrete subclass such as MediaPlayerGlue or you must subclass this abstract helper. To create a subclass you must implement all of the abstract methods and the subclass must invoke onMetadataChanged() and onStateChanged() appropriately.

To use an instance of the glue layer, first construct an instance. Constructor parameters inform the glue what speed levels are supported for fast forward/rewind.

You may override onCreateControlsRowAndPresenter() which will create a PlaybackControlsRow and a PlaybackControlsRowPresenter. You may call setControlsRow(PlaybackControlsRow) and setPlaybackRowPresenter(PlaybackRowPresenter) to customize your own row and presenter.

The helper sets a SparseArrayObjectAdapter on the controls row as the primary actions adapter, and adds actions to it. You can provide additional actions by overriding onCreatePrimaryActions(SparseArrayObjectAdapter). This helper does not deal in secondary actions so those you may add separately.

Provide a click listener on your fragment and if an action is clicked, call onActionClicked(Action).

This helper implements a key event handler. If you pass a PlaybackGlueHost, it will configure its fragment to intercept all key events. Otherwise, you should set the glue object as key event handler to the ViewHolder when bound by your row presenter; see setOnKeyListener(android.view.View.OnKeyListener).

To update the controls row progress during playback, override enableProgressUpdating(boolean) to manage the lifecycle of a periodic callback to updateProgress(). getUpdatePeriod() provides a recommended update period.




The adapter key for the first custom control on the left side of the predefined primary controls.


The adapter key for the first custom control on the right side of the predefined primary controls.


The adapter key for the fast forward control.


The adapter key for the play/pause control.


The adapter key for the rewind control.


The adapter key for the skip to next control.


The adapter key for the skip to previous control.

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