added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static final class NotificationCompat.CarExtender
extends Object implements NotificationCompat.Extender


Helper class to add Android Auto extensions to notifications. To create a notification with car extensions:

  1. Create an NotificationCompat.Builder, setting any desired properties.
  2. Create a NotificationCompat.CarExtender.
  3. Set car-specific properties using the add and set methods of NotificationCompat.CarExtender.
  4. Call extend(NotificationCompat.Extender) to apply the extensions to a notification.
  5. Post the notification to the notification system with the NotificationManagerCompat.notify(...) methods and not the NotificationManager.notify(...) methods.
 Notification notification = new NotificationCompat.Builder(context)
         .extend(new CarExtender()

Car extensions can be accessed on an existing notification by using the CarExtender(Notification) constructor, and then using the get methods to access values.


Nested classes

class NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation

A class which holds the unread messages from a conversation. 

Public constructors


Create a NotificationCompat.CarExtender with default options.

NotificationCompat.CarExtender(Notification notification)

Create a NotificationCompat.CarExtender from the CarExtender options of an existing Notification.

Public methods

NotificationCompat.Builder extend(NotificationCompat.Builder builder)

Apply car extensions to a notification that is being built.

int getColor()

Gets the accent color.

Bitmap getLargeIcon()

Gets the large icon used in this car notification, or null if no icon has been set.

NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation getUnreadConversation()

Returns the unread conversation conveyed by this notification.

NotificationCompat.CarExtender setColor(int color)

Sets the accent color to use when Android Auto presents the notification.

NotificationCompat.CarExtender setLargeIcon(Bitmap largeIcon)

Sets the large icon of the car notification.

NotificationCompat.CarExtender setUnreadConversation(NotificationCompat.CarExtender.UnreadConversation unreadConversation)

Sets the unread conversation in a message notification.

Inherited methods

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