added in version 22.1.0
belongs to Maven artifact


public static final class NotificationCompat.Action.Builder
extends Object


Builder class for NotificationCompat.Action objects.


Public constructors

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder(int icon, CharSequence title, PendingIntent intent)

Construct a new builder for NotificationCompat.Action object.

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder(NotificationCompat.Action action)

Construct a new builder for NotificationCompat.Action object using the fields from an NotificationCompat.Action.

Public methods

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder addExtras(Bundle extras)

Merge additional metadata into this builder.

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder addRemoteInput(RemoteInput remoteInput)

Add an input to be collected from the user when this action is sent.

NotificationCompat.Action build()

Combine all of the options that have been set and return a new NotificationCompat.Action object.

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder extend(NotificationCompat.Action.Extender extender)

Apply an extender to this action builder.

Bundle getExtras()

Get the metadata Bundle used by this Builder.

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder setAllowGeneratedReplies(boolean allowGeneratedReplies)

Set whether the platform should automatically generate possible replies to add to getChoices().

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder setSemanticAction(int semanticAction)

Sets the NotificationCompat.Action.SemanticAction for this NotificationCompat.Action.

NotificationCompat.Action.Builder setShowsUserInterface(boolean showsUserInterface)

Set whether or not this NotificationCompat.Action's PendingIntent will open a user interface.

Inherited methods

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